As of 1966, Pamela J. Hill-Cornett, as head instructor, has successfully been teaching horsemanship and equitation.

As of 1962, Alan K. Cornett, as head horse trainer, has successfully been training horses.

Together since 1992, they have teamed up with God, and have created a top outstanding education horsemanship school, training center, and now boarding stable, in the Country.

Their talent for teaching is a gift from God.  They understand what a horse is feeling, and what he needs.  This helps them understand the horse, so he can be trained properly.

Pam and Alan both are certified horse show judges.  Both have raised, trained and bred Morgan horses, some of which have won World Champion titles.

Because Pam and Alan teach all the seats, they have had students that have won World Champion titles in Western, Saddle Seat, and Hunt Seat.

Together they started the KYOVA Kids Morgan Youth Club, which they ran for 20 years.  They are also members of the AMHA, APHA, and AOHA.

Pam has written a book on Horsemanship, and the five levels of riding.

Alan is a horse whisperer - he knows the thoughts and needs of all horses.

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