Students at 3-C Farm are given top training in all the seats of equitation:  Balanced Seat, Saddle Seat, Western Seat, and Hunt Seat.  At 3-C farm, we have 2 indoor and 1 outdoor arena, which allow us to provide lessons to our students all year, through every season.

To begin lessons, call 513-899-2730 and set up a private lesson to access your riding level, and to see what group you should be placed with.

Second, you will need to fill out a request form stating the times and dates you are available for lessons.  We will then get back to you with a 3 month/quarterly schedule with class times and dates.

Private lessons are 1 hour:

Group lessons are 1 ½ hours:

***  Payment can be made with cash or check only
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We start beginners and finish winners!
Levels of Horsemanship At 3-C Farm

Students can reach any level of success.  The levels of Horsemanship are a challenge to pass because they involve riding World Champion Patterns, completing the 3-C Farm Workbook, taking written tests, completing working points such as barn maintenance, tack and teacher aid points in each level, and tacking up a horse.  In the higher levels, you must be a learner judge at a show, go on a day with a vet, and finish a written report.  Each level features a different riding seat, such as Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Western Seat, and Line Driving.

When you pass a level, you receive respect of achievement by being presented with a Certificate at the annual banquet, and a badge for your 3-C Farm Jacket.

Links to all riding forms:

Lesson Information Brochure
Class Agreement
Student Riding Liability Release

Winter Lesson Request Form
Spring Lesson Request Form
Summer Lesson Request Form
Fall Lesson Request Form

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